$8k in $44 Bounty Builder @BB$160. $55k @BB$1k in $55 $5k GTD on party. $27k @BB$400 in $55 Big Brawl on Party. $3k @BB$1200 in $22 $3k on Party. $11.7k $BB$100 in Big $109.
Bricked Big $44, $27 Deepstack. Bricked $22 PSKO with $10 Bounties.

Close calls today! Finished Final 3 tables in the Hot $33 and then a 43rd place finish in the $109 Party Main Event. So close to some big wins! Thanks to everyone for the support. The bink is coming!

Last MTT of the day: $109 Main Event on Party Poker. $367k @BB$8k. ITM, 140 people left. LFG!

Coolered in Hot $22, Bricked $22 Contender, bricked vs a spewtard in Sunday Mill. Still in Big $55 ($4.5k @BB$300) and $109 Main Event ($120k @BB$2k). If I play the Sunday Stack, I'll be late regging when starting stack is at 50BB - Unless I brick these other 2 mtts, then I'll refund. I'm insanely happy... Show more

Update: Bricked the Drago 20 away from the money. Just bricked Big $22 losing a 60bb flip. $40k @BB$500 in $22 Contender. $113k @BB$400 in the $109 Main Event. $11k @BB$400 in $215 Title Fight. $10.9k in Sunday Mill.

Bricked Big $109 and Sunday Warmup. Cashed Hot $33 for about $190. $10k @BB$100 in Big $22. $26k @BB$2800 in Double Deuce. $35k @BB$4k in $109 Drago, 30 away from the money. Going to late reg all the MTTs that start at 11 by 30-60 minutes

Update: $21k @BB$400 in Doubledeuce. $18k @BB$300 in Warm-Up. $3.2k @BB$100 in Big $109. $71k @BB$2k in $109 Drago. $140k @BB$8k in Hot $33 with 56 left!

Update: $6.2k @BB$300 in Big $44, $11.4k @BB$100 in Warm-Up. $25k @BB$1400 in Hot $33 with 18 to the money. $45k @BB$1k in $109 Drago

Update: Out the $44 Marathon after losing 50BB flip AQcc<99. $14k @BB$1k in Sunday Kickoff after losing 80BB flip JJ<AKo. $9k @BB$100 in Big $44 after turning a royal flush vs botom set (lol). $5.5k @BB$150 in Hot $33

Still have 21% left of a super soft HSMTT package! $715,000 in total prize pools with this bad boy! Buy a fun sweat! www.stakekings.com/marketplace/package/13066

Update: $19.7k @BB$400 in $44 Marathon. $16.8k @BB$300 in Sunday Kickoff

Got a package for tomorrow that has a ton of action, including the Sunday Warm-Up! Tons of great action in this package!

Got new packages up for Sunday! 1x Midstakes Package and 2x High Stakes Packages! GL us!

$53k @BB $2k in Big Brawl. $6.4k @BB$60 $33 Bounty Builder. Rebought in Counterpunch.

Out of: $55 WTB, Big $44, Hot $33, $27 Deepstack, $55 $5k GTD, $109 $4k GTD, $44 Bounty Builder, Big $109. $87k @BB$800 in $55 Big Brawl with 1 bounty won. 20bb @BB$100 in Big $22

Good luck today!

g'morning everyone. Update: Coolered out the $55 $2k WTB, Bluff didn't work for $27 Deepstack (OUT), 16bb in Hot $33, 77BB in Big $44. Going to late reg some upcoming mtts by a bit

Still have 13 pieces left of the Mid Stakes Package!
See you in a few hours!

indigorose a favorable result in the end i would think 4 days ago

Back from my break! Set up 2 packages for tomorrow!
Mid Stakes Package: www.stakekings.com/marketplace/package/12939
High Stakes Package: www.stakekings.com/marketplace/package/12940

Podem80 I'm in!!! Good luck! 4 days ago

Thanks everyone who bought action for Sunday Funday! Unfortunately, bricked the entire Mid Stakes package. Cashed Sunday Kickoff/Sunday Warm-Up/Sunday Million. They've been paid out to investors already. Still have the Sunday Wrap-Up left. GL us!

king.gee99 great session today! 1 week ago

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