Bricked the whole day. Decided to cut today's grind short and refund the Big $55 and $33 Bounty Builder. Thanks for all your support. Hopefully tomorrow goes better!

Sound isn't working at all. Trying to get it sorted out. In the meantime I'm playing the schedule off stream. There's a possibility I'll stream with no sound for the investors. I'll keep you posted.

DramaticDegen Back up and running, fully functional! 10 months ago

Ended the stream feeling tired and burnt out. Took a nap and feel refreshed. Going to play out my package schedule, but off stream. OBS has been malfunctioning pretty hard, so I think I'll only stream if I get very deep in one of the package MTTs. I will do hourly updates on Show more

I will be streaming on Pokernews today! IF you want to catch my sweat, make sure to go to! Much love!

Having techincal difficulties with the stream right now. Still playing through the package. Will update with progress on the stream

2 days in a row, managed to make an ROI for my investors! Hopefully we can keep that ball rolling! Much love for the support!

Finished 2nd in the Hot $11 for $2750. Finished the day with some other cashes! Not bad

For everyone wondering "why the hell isn't this guy streaming?" Don't fret! I'm streaming for Pokernews today!!

Just wanted to address some people who are upset about me shutting off the stream, despite not being done the package. Sometimes, my focus or mind isn't 100%. A lot of people don't realize the amount of energy it takes to stream AND play poker, a game that already needs your complete focus. So... Show more

indigorose kudos Travis !! 11 months ago
indigorose it has gone quite worse for those that had action in Carter today ....... so the whiny babes need to chill imho 11 months ago

Aaaaaand as I write the last message, I lose a flip in both mtts. GG everyone, thanks for the support!

Still in Hot $22 and $22 $4k GTD, short stacked. Grindin!

Got it in really good OTF but got riverd for a 75bb pot. Still in Hot $22 and $22 $4k GTD

Just doubled up in $22 $4k GTD with AA vs KK vs a super nit. Feels good. Still in all the mtts!

Called the stream off early to focus better on the package. I'm still in the $22 $4kgtd and $22 Milly Maker. Will be making updates every 30 minutes on this site, as well as twitter. @tjdarroch for updates. Will still be playing the Hot $22 but going to refund for the $55 Sunday Stack and $55... Show more

Not done the schedule yet, but WE'RE AT A FINAL TABLE! to catch the sweat in action!

indigorose well done !! 11 months ago

Slept in! About to get the grind going. To any investors, I'll late reg. The package, and anything that starts below 40bb I'll make sure to have refunded. Much love!

Grind going well so far! Going to late reg the SCOOP tourney for 30-45 minutes. GL us!

$22 $4k GTD: 50bb
Big $55 35bb
SCOOP 43L $50k GTD: 22bb, ITM
$33 Bounty Builder: 50bb
Still not feeling great. If I'm still deep by the next hour then I'll pull the stream up again!

Playing well! Had a few pretty sick spots, won a few flips, still in SCOOP! Keeping focused for all the StakeKings investors! GL us!

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