Been a great week on the stream. Now it's time for mega focus! Posted a BUNCH of packages for Sunday. Note: I will not be streaming the packages on Sunday. Thanks for your support! GL us!

Posted a bunch of packages for tomorrow morning. Going to do an early stream where you guys can sweat all the action! See you in the AM!

Update: Bricked Sunday Warm-Up, $44 Bounty Builder, Big $44.
$5.1k @BB$100 in Big $109

Update: Bricked Big $27, Hot $33, $44 Marathon, $109 Kickoff
$5.1k @BB$60
$9.4k @BB$120 in Warmup
$7.8k @BB$300 in Big $44
$8.5k @BB$400 in $27 Deep Stack

Cancelling the $55 Sunday Stack. Didn't sell enough. Thanks for those who supported.

OK Update: Bricked Big $44, $44 Marathon, Big $27, Hot $33, $215 Sunday Warmup, $109 Drago
$2k @BB$160 in $44 Bounty Builder
$4.2k @BB$100 in Big $109
$15k @BB$3.6k in $109 Sunday Warmup, ITM. 21/83

DramaticDegen $109 Sunday Kickoff**** 1 month ago

Won a sat into the Sunday Warmup! Flash sale for 8 minutes only!

All done for the day guys. A few cashes but nothing crazy. The guys at SK have been informed about the cashes. Time to rest up for tomorrow. Cheers everyone!

Good morning guys. Update:
Bricked $27 Eliminator, Big $44.
$7k @BB$80 in $33 $4k GTD
$2k @BB$120 in $22 PSKO.
$8.7k @BB$400 in $27 Deep Stack. Feeling pretty focused today so we should be alright. Still lots of action left on SK!

Update: Bricked the Thrill Unfortunately. 3 tabling right now, but going to add a couple more tables over the next hour. Just want to chill with these 3 for now.
$373k @BB$20k in the Big Brawl, 16/21. Made a big laydown that i think was correct. Playing well.
$10.8k @BB$60 in $55 Bounty, with...
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Update: Finished 7th in $33 $5k, Bubbled $55 $5k GTD.
$4.5k @BB$180 in $33 Bounty.
$2k @BB$80 in $22 $4k
$18k @BB$800 in Big $22, 39 from the money. $256k @BB$4k in $55 Big Brawl, with around $50 in bounties, 3 from the money.
$79k @BB$3.5k, 40 from the money.
$26k @BB$800 in $22 Contender.
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New Update: Bricked $44 Bounty, $27 Deep Stack, $22 $3k GTD
$26k @BB1.2k in $109 Thrill Sat, 26 to a seat.
$9.8k @BB$1600 in $55 Thrill Sat, 12 to a seat.
$83k @BB2k in PP $55 $5k GTD.
$37k @BB$800 in $55 Big Brawl
$25k @BB$3500 in PP $22 $3k GTD. 29 from the money.
$22k @BB800 in $33 $5k GTD...
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Alright gents. Bricked Big $44, Hot $33, $22 PSKO, $16.50 Bounty
$3.6k @BB$100 in $55 Thursday Thrill Sat
$4k @BB$80 in $33 $5k GTD
$6.6k @BB$60 in $44 Bounty
$12k @BB$400 in $27 Deep Stack.
$50k @BB$1.2k in $22 $3k GTD

Got new packages up for tomorrow, including a satellite package into the $1k Thursday Thrill!

Hey Guys,
Bad news. I can't get the stream working. I was called to house sit for a friend last minute, who decided Sunday night to go play the WSOP ME. So I'm using his computer setup. I tried configuring OBS on his computer to have a stream up for today, but it's not working out. So I'm going to...
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Out of:
Big Brawl($12.50 Bounty)
Hot $11/$11 Bounty Builder
$55 $5k GTD

$6k @BB$800 in $33 $5k, 2 to the money.
$15k @BB$600 in $11+R. 1R/1AD used.
$6.9k @BB$100 in Big $22.
$10k @BB$150 in $16.50 PSKO Deep stack

Update: Bricked Hot $33, Big $44, $27 Deep Stack. $4.6k(BB$60) in $44 Bounty Builder, $11.9k @BB$80 in $33 $5k GTD(1/99 :smiley: ), $16.7k @BB$700 in $16.50 Bounty Builder with $9.38 in Bounties, $7.8k @BB$120 in $22 PSKO with $5 Bounty

Finished 5th in the Playnow MTT for $1,161.23 USD! Thanks for all the support today team! Was a great day. Going to put up a small package for Tuesday, where I'm going to stream it!

For those who invested in my $109 CAD $20k GTD on Playnow, I'm 1/14. Final table is 10 handed, so we're pretty close. First place is $6195 CAD! GL Us

ITM of the $109 Main Event on PartyPoker for the 2nd weekend in a row! 159 left.

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