Thanks for the support today guys. I actually played one of the best days in a really long time, at least a couple months. But most of the flips weren't going my way. A few min cashes and a few refunds dispersed among packages should reach you shortly. Thanks again team
I have a really cool...
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Went deep in the $215 Title Fight and got coolered super hard in a high equity spot. I need redemption! Birthday stream tomorrow! The grind continues! Posted a bunch of stuff including the $109 Uppercut! Buy your sweat here: See you on stream!

I've extended sale for the $109 Main event by selling all bullets individually.
Bullet 1:
Bullet 2:

Bullet 3:

One of the best $109's on Sunday, up for grabs!

SAT PACKAGE FOR THE WARM-UP/SUNDAY MILL. I will be playing these packages regardless whether they sell. Read the descriptions carefully before purchasing. GL!

New packages up for tomorrow. Need to sell 25% of this package. It's selling at a good pace. Stoked for Sunday

Staking Marketplace

Connect, stake, learn and earn with the most exclusive global poker community and staking platform in the world.

Won a sat into the $5,200 WCOOP ME! Only 10 minutes to buy a piece at minimum markup!

Staking Marketplace

Connect, stake, learn and earn with the most exclusive global poker community and staking platform in the world.

Good morning everyone! Big day today! Playing ONLY WCOOP and Powerfest. Small volume today so I can focus. Also taking a shot at the Thursday Thrill today! Must sell all to play! Just filter out my name in the Staking Marketplace and buy your fun sweat! Stream live at 10PM PST

Been a great week on the stream. Now it's time for mega focus! Posted a BUNCH of packages for Sunday. Note: I will not be streaming the packages on Sunday. Thanks for your support! GL us!

Posted a bunch of packages for tomorrow morning. Going to do an early stream where you guys can sweat all the action! See you in the AM!

Update: Bricked Sunday Warm-Up, $44 Bounty Builder, Big $44.
$5.1k @BB$100 in Big $109

Update: Bricked Big $27, Hot $33, $44 Marathon, $109 Kickoff
$5.1k @BB$60
$9.4k @BB$120 in Warmup
$7.8k @BB$300 in Big $44
$8.5k @BB$400 in $27 Deep Stack

Cancelling the $55 Sunday Stack. Didn't sell enough. Thanks for those who supported.

OK Update: Bricked Big $44, $44 Marathon, Big $27, Hot $33, $215 Sunday Warmup, $109 Drago
$2k @BB$160 in $44 Bounty Builder
$4.2k @BB$100 in Big $109
$15k @BB$3.6k in $109 Sunday Warmup, ITM. 21/83

DramaticDegen $109 Sunday Kickoff**** 3 months ago

Won a sat into the Sunday Warmup! Flash sale for 8 minutes only!

All done for the day guys. A few cashes but nothing crazy. The guys at SK have been informed about the cashes. Time to rest up for tomorrow. Cheers everyone!

Good morning guys. Update:
Bricked $27 Eliminator, Big $44.
$7k @BB$80 in $33 $4k GTD
$2k @BB$120 in $22 PSKO.
$8.7k @BB$400 in $27 Deep Stack. Feeling pretty focused today so we should be alright. Still lots of action left on SK!

Update: Bricked the Thrill Unfortunately. 3 tabling right now, but going to add a couple more tables over the next hour. Just want to chill with these 3 for now.
$373k @BB$20k in the Big Brawl, 16/21. Made a big laydown that i think was correct. Playing well.
$10.8k @BB$60 in $55 Bounty, with...
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Update: Finished 7th in $33 $5k, Bubbled $55 $5k GTD.
$4.5k @BB$180 in $33 Bounty.
$2k @BB$80 in $22 $4k
$18k @BB$800 in Big $22, 39 from the money. $256k @BB$4k in $55 Big Brawl, with around $50 in bounties, 3 from the money.
$79k @BB$3.5k, 40 from the money.
$26k @BB$800 in $22 Contender.
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New Update: Bricked $44 Bounty, $27 Deep Stack, $22 $3k GTD
$26k @BB1.2k in $109 Thrill Sat, 26 to a seat.
$9.8k @BB$1600 in $55 Thrill Sat, 12 to a seat.
$83k @BB2k in PP $55 $5k GTD.
$37k @BB$800 in $55 Big Brawl
$25k @BB$3500 in PP $22 $3k GTD. 29 from the money.
$22k @BB800 in $33 $5k GTD...
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