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Check out the new May Leaderboard Update, prizes & info below!

May SCOOP Leaderboard Prize Info 
Between May 1st - May 31st we will be running a Leaderboard contest on StakeKings.com that will award prizes 
to the TOP 9 investors on StakeKings based on TOTAL winnings from all packages in the month of May!
Every dollar that you win = 1 point on the leaderboard (see leaderboard below)
During the month of May we may announce several "DAILY DOUBLE" bonus days
that will allow you to earn double points, so watch out for those!
The leaderboard below will be updated 1 or 2 times per week with the 1st update starting on May 8th. Have fun and good luck!
***Leaderboard will list by SK usernames not real names. If you do not want to be included on leaderboard, contact us via live chat.

1st Place - 9th Place: 

The top 9 on the SK leaderboard in May will earn a seat in a 9 man tournament that will be streamed live on Twitch.tv/StakeKings
The winner of the tournament will take home the following prizes:
*2-Night Stay in the Palms Place Penthouse during the $1500 WSOP Monster Stack on June 23 & 24th.
Click for Video Tour of the Penthouse
*Free entry into the $1500 WSOP Monster Stack
*WSOP Pro Bundle includes StakeKings shirt, patches & other swag to wear during event
inner/drinks with the SK team in Las Vegas while you're in town. 
*If you are unable to attend you will be able to redeem the prize for $1000 in cash on StakeKings.com

2nd - 9th Place
$25 bonus StakeKings cash or the chance to play a StakeKings Pro heads up for $50 in cash on StakeKings live on Twitch!

Only the TOP 9 on the leaderboard are being awarded prizes in May. Have fun and good luck!


*May leaderboard is posted below and includes all tournaments through May 22nd. 

Additional Info
*The current top 25 are listed on the leaderboard, but only the top 9 on the leaderboard won prizes in May!


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